Mindset Work Shop Opportunity For All Teams!

May. 07, 2024

Athletes everywhere are embracing Mental Performance Coaching and the massive impact it can have on their sport and life. 


But where do you start?


Do you need to pay the premium 1on1 fees?


Should you wait till you hit a breaking point and you are fed up with being inconsistent?


Or you can take a proactive approach.


Well lucky for you - we have partnered with the leading Mental Performance Coaching firm for hockey players, CEP Mindset, and their upcoming Mindset First 4 Part Workshop Series starting May 16th!


This provides you the opportunity to learn the principles and strategies Dr. Cassidy Preston uses with NHL Hockey Players so they can be dialed in day-in and day-out. You will be able to interact and ask him questions throughout and at the end of every workshop. 


You will also get access to the CEP Mindset assessment. Plus you get a PDF workbook to make it easy to follow along and complete all the exercises and the strategies throughout the workshop series. 


And lastly, they will mail you a copy of Dr. Cassidy Preston’s best selling book - Mindset First! 


There isn’t a more cost effective way to get your mental game to another level!


So if you are ready to break free from the weight of results, play with confidence, and perform when it matters most - then click the link below to register today. 


Act fast as spots are limited.




If you know anyone that would be interested or could benefit from this workshop series - please forward this email to them.


And if you think your coach/ team would be interested, share it with them because there is big savings if you sign up as a team.


This is a great place to start working on your mental game and take your mindset to another level without the cost of a 1on1 program.